Medicines for Addiction

Adial is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the treatment and prevention of addictions and other unmet medical needs. We are in clinical and pre-clinical stages with multiple drug candidates including a genetically targeted therapeutic drug, AD04, for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in Phase 3 and through our subsidiary, Purnovate, pre-clinical candidates including candidates for non-opioid pain management, and the treatment of metastatic breast cancer.


AUD is a significant disease that impacts over 35 million people, devastating human health, families, and economies. Current medications have severe side effects that cause compliance issues and limited effectiveness. We believe the market needs a drug like AD04 which, for our target population, may be highly effective with limited side effects. 

AD04 is specifically designed to:

  • Reduce drinking levels (believed through reduction of craving)
  • Potentially facilitate abstinence
  • Have limited side effects
  • Prove effective for patients testing for the companion genetic bio-marker (~33% of patients)
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Purnovate, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adial Pharmaceuticals, has developed adenosine analogues that allow the creation of new medicines for inflammatory and neurotransmission-related diseases. These adenosine analogues are also a platform technology that amplifies and transform the effectiveness of medications for our partners.

We believe Purnovate has overcome the biodistribution challenges inherent in others’ previous selective adenosine analogs (e.g., lack of oral availability and tissue penetration).

Purnovate is developing novel selective adenosine analogs to treat serious diseases and disorders such as non-opioid pain management, asthma, cancer, wound healing, diabetes, cocaine addiction, and inflammatory indications.

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