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The Adial Vision

To build the world’s leading pharmaceutical company focused on improving the quality of life of patients by preventing and treating addiction and other unmet medical needs.


Adial is at an important inflection point with our many recent accomplishments. Addiction is a devastating disease that takes an enormous toll on our families, communities, country and the economy. I am excited to lead Adial as we advance our mission to bring life-transforming therapies to patients who are in need. This begins with our lead investigational drug candidate, AD04, a genetically targeted therapeutic agent for the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder and other addictions.

Cary J. Claiborne Chief Executive Officer

Having overseen more than 20 AUD and other addiction-related clinical trials during the course of my career. I truly believe that AD04 holds enormous promise for the millions of Americans and individuals around the world suffering from addiction.

Bankole A. Johnson, D.SC., M.D. Founder and CMO

The Adial Story

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Adial History

Adial was founded on the ground-breaking work of Bankole A. Johnson, M.D., D.Sc. Dr. Johnson began his work in the 1990’s and, once the genome was unlocked, focused on understanding the genetics behind addiction. After animal studies, imaging studies, and early clinical work, he hypothesized that a serotonin-3 blocker might help people with certain genetics related to the serotonin system. After a Phase 2 study conducted by the University of Virginia at three sites in Virginia and one site in Texas, he met William Stilley and Adial Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2010 and began operations in 2011.


Adial Timeline

  • 2010–2011

    Adial Founded

    Licenses AD04 from the University of Virginia

  • 2014

    USPTO grants 1st U.S. patent for AD04 for the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in genetically targeted patients

  • 2018

    Adial Pharmaceuticals listed on U.S. NASDAQ
    (Ticker: ADIL)

    Adial Pharmaceuticals listed on U.S. NASDAQ
  • 2020

    ONWARD Phase 3

    ADO4 Onward Phase 3 Trials begin

  • 2022

    ONWARD Phase 3 Trials completed

    ONWARD Phase 3 Trial results announced