James W. Newman, Jr.

Member — Board of Directors

Life science entrepreneur, investor and board member; Chairman & President, Medical Predictive Sciences Corporation

James W. Newman, Jr. has served as a director since September 2014. He is the Founder, Chairman and President of Medical Predictive Science Corporation (“MPSC”), a medical device company that translates ICU research discoveries to the patient’s bedside and develops predictive technology that detects imminent, catastrophic illness. MPSC’s HeRO is sold in more than 20 countries and is a pioneering monitoring system for premature infants which detects early signs of distress commonly caused by infection and other potentially life-threatening illnesses. He has also served for amost 40 years as part of the management team of Newman Company, a real estate company,  for which he still works and is the founder and sole owner. He has been a new venture investor for 20 years, including being an early investor in Medical Automation Systems, a major provider of information management systems for point-of-care testing, which was acquired by Massachusetts-based Alere Inc. His investments have covered a wide range of fields, encompassing everything from biotechnology, bio-informatics, education, and telecommunications, as well as mechanical inventions. He is particularly interested in investments in the medical field that improve healthcare, but do so at a reduced cost to consumers. Mr. Newman holds a B.A. degree from Upsala College.